527 BRA – Casa Cubo for sale in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

The Cube House is a luxury residence in São Paulo, Brazil designed as if it were a deconstruction of the volume from a cube. The subtracted bulk of the house makes it seem as if the residence is hovering over the ground, suspended on delicate round columns.
The large minimalistic structure separates the ground level interior spaces of the home with multiple recessed sliding glass doors that characterize the living experience of subtracting volume from the cube....


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106 BRA – Property for sale in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Luxurious and spacious, Bahia-style house, perfectly integrated into the exuberant nature of the Terravista condo, Trancoso, arguably Brazil´s most exclusive tourism real estate enterprise, amidst Terravista's marvellous Golf course, nicknamed the "Pebble beach of latin-America", designed by Dan Blankenship......

REF 160 BRA     PRICE: $ 2.325.762

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249 BRA – Penthouse for sale in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This unique luxury 300 sq.m penthouse has an immediate "wow" factor. The large private terrace and swimming pool have stunning views of the two brothers mountains and the sea. It is perfectly located in the heart of Ipanema, just a 2 minute walk to the beach.....

REF 249 BRA       PRICE: $ 2,800,000

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