527 BRA – Casa Cubo for sale in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


The Cube House is a luxury residence in São Paulo, Brazil designed as if it were a deconstruction of the volume from a cube. The subtracted bulk of the house makes it seem as if the residence is hovering over the ground, suspended on delicate round columns.
The large minimalistic structure separates the ground level interior spaces of the home with multiple recessed sliding glass doors that characterize the living experience of subtracting volume from the cube.
This modern architectural structure uses negative space and volume to create openness wherever necessary. The magnitude of the concrete structure is deliberately balanced with materials and colors that blend into the surroundings creating an atmosphere of harmony with water and nature.
Casa Cubo, In Sao Paulo/Brazil, the initiative of a couple of contemporary art collectors, was conceived to house a lodging and support center to artists and the development of the arts, but with all necessary facilities to serve as a home.
The program was solved within a cubic block, split vertically into three levels and a mezzanine, whose façades are treated graphically as a combination of lines defined by the cement plaques cladding, the glass strip on the mezzanine, and the striped wood composition that changes as the bedroom windows are opened and closed.
The service nucleus, located on the basement level, opens onto a small patio bathed in natural light through an opening on the above slab.
From the street, one enters the house walking up a stone path set in the midst of a lush garden. An entrance hall gives way to a wide room featuring double ceiling height and polished concrete flooring, intended to host events, exhibitions or simply function as a lounge, opening onto a small green lawn.
The mezzanine, set on the slab topping the kitchen, dining room and entrance hall on the ground floor, houses the library, which is marked by three strong elements: a shelving unit extending the whole back wall, running over a strip of fixed glass next to the floor, and a spiral staircase covered in wood that leads to the three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms upstairs.
The garage, laundry and two servant's bedrooms with bathroom are located in the basement.




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