382 LE - Estate for sale in Berlin, Germany


Urban, classical, and modern all at once, this 1927 villa estate is situated on a wonderfully spacious and verdant southwest-facing plot. Not only its location but also its interior design make this property a gem of great rarity. Stucco elements with great attention to detail adorn the facade and a representative entrance hall greets visitors as they enter the building. The property is currently divided into three residential units and one secondary suite in the basement, but these can easily be reconnected if necessary.
The timeless design is in perfect harmony with the layout and its ideal angle to the sun makes the property wonderfully cozy and bright. Top-grade materials and rooms decorated with exquisite taste provide a comfortable feeling and a wonderful atmosphere. The property also features the most exclusive and finest materials, custom-built wardrobes, closets, and cabinets, and state-of-the-art facilities. As is customary in Berlin, sophisticated open-air events could also be held on the roof. The upper floor has a reinforced concrete ceiling which is strong enough  to hold a 90 square meter panoramic roof terrace (965 sq ft).
A magnificent stone stairway leads to a spacious and idyllic garden where you can relax and enjoy the sun right in the middle of the city


REF:  382 LE
PRICE: € 2,900,000
Contacts: Grand Villa in Berlin

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