252 PT – Traditional Portuguese farm house for sale in Evora, Portugal



This is a stunning traditional Portuguese farm house built in the style of the 18th century, on a 106 ha plot. This unique Quinta is set 1,5 km away from the center of Portel town. Situated in the best part of Alentejo, 189 km from Lisbon airport, on the motorway and 215 km from the airport of Faro in the Algarve. 125 km from the Spanish border (Badajoz). The Portel town is cose to Évora, Beja and the Alqueva dam.
The whole complex was built in 1965 with the main house of 980 sqm covered area, distributed on two levels. The public and service areas are located at the ground floor, while the sleeping quarters which comprise of eight master bedrooms, each containing a private bathroom are on the 1st floor. They are all equipped with modern, comfortable and luxurious finishings, like: hand-painted tiles in the walls, Sicupira wood ( Brazilian hard wood ) for the windows and doors (both interior and exterior), waxed large bricks for the floor of the entire reception rooms and holm-oak for the floors of all the bedrooms.
Each step of the white marble staircase leading to the first floor is made from an entire block and the bathroom floors are also in pink and green marble of the region.
At the ground floor all the ceilings are in Moorish style vaults. The house is also equipped with a central heating system in spite of having large fireplaces in each living-room and dining-room. It also has a private telephone network system installed between several outbuildings.
This complex is in perfect condition. Around the house there are 106 hectares of cork-tree and holm-oak woodlands as well as olive groves and pine barren. The cork-tree woodland produces in a cycle of nine years, about one hundred and eighty metric tons (1000 kilograms) of cork.
The facilities that support the farming activities are next to the main house and comprise a 2240 sqm covered area. These ground floor facilities, are set around a spacious square-shaped yard, enriched by a central granite fountain. In one of the sides of this square-shaped yard, there are four independent apartments..
Originating from its own well, the water supply is potable, of excellent quality, and plentiful even in the dry years. There is also an approved touristic project to transform the whole complex of the Quinta in a five-star Inn with 45 rooms.
The entire property has been already classified by the Portuguese Tourist Board, as having “Outstanding Architectonic Value”, which means that to transform the existent compound, the owner will be financed with the maximum of support coming from the EEC.
On 98.5 hectares of the Estate there can be built another 5.910 square meters of covered area.
A further 29.550 sqm of farm buildings can be built.
Also a sheep-fold exists in the estate, with a profitable covered area of 660 sq. meters, that can be easily transformed into a suitable cottage.


10 bedrooms
10 bathrooms
Reception room
Covered dining area
Laundry room
Storage room



REF  252 PT

PRICE: € 15,000,000

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