716 SWE – Manor for sale in Ramnas, Sweden

The Ljungqvist Dennerstedt family has owned and operated the Schenströmska Manor Hotel and Conference Centre since 2006 when they moved here from Stockholm. They have renovated large parts of the Manor, which now is in excellent shape and operating with increasing success.....

REF 716 SWE     PRICE: $ 2,687,450

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710 SWE – Art Deco farmstead for sale in Krylbo, Sweden

Krylbo – an Art Deco farmstead on a 126 hectare forested property: this beautiful turn-of-the-century Art Deco style farmstead built in 1909 is located in an historical area, and enjoys a view of billowy fields, forests and the southern banks of the Dalälven River together with its inflow into Lake Bäsingen, with its great fishing.....

REF 710 SWE     PRICE: $ 1,195,916

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527 SWE – Manor House for sale in Hjärnarp, Sweden

In a wonderful pastoral location next to the Hallansåsen Ridge, you’ll find Fredsdal Gård, a storybook manor in outstanding condition. The manor consists of five hectares of land surrounded by a lichen-covered wall, two beautiful residential buildings constructed in classical style .....

REF 527 SWE     PRICE: $ 1,478,098

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099 SWE – House for sale in Sälen, Sweden

In the child-friendly Högfjället area of Sälen, behind the lovely old Gammelgården Hotel, you’ll discover Avagården, a lovely, luxurious home with endless views of natural beauty. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the gifts of this mountainous realm, throughout the year.....

REF 099 SWE     PRICE: $ 1,545,284

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