721 SWE – Manor House for sale in Bettna, Sweden


A stately manor in the heart of Sörmland and surrounded by open countryside, with an unencumbered view of fields and lakes. Next to the manor house, you have your own forest, and plenty of visiting birds and game. Privacy and tranquillity, but still close to everything you need for daily life.Sensual, Tasteful, Personal.These three words sum up Ålspånga as I experience it. Beautiful colours, outside and inside. The current owners have furnished and decorated the buildings (including the stable) with great insight and feeling, to create an outstanding home. Quality of life, dream home, luxurious, colourful and daring are other words that come to mind.Drive up to Ålspånga on the tree-line entrance way, past the horses in the meadows, the stable and the riding school, often filled with skilful riders in the more advanced groups. Lively and wonderful. Once you enter the gravel courtyard between the buildings, you will be surrounded by the typically Swedish Falu Red colour and the inviting yellow ochre double doors. Don't forget the beautiful door case. The warm colours then continue to the wind catcher and hallway, and permeate the entire manor house. Enjoy the extensive view from the terrace, as a deer runs over the meadow to the left, a line of ducks take flight from the inlet, and the cranes gather for their winter migration. Don't miss the line of sight between the rooms in a row, and feel how their decorating and colour scheme harmonize. See historical features such as tiled stove, banisters and inner door. Come and experience Ålspånga.The main building measures about 600 m2, divided into about 16 rooms and a kitchen, as well as a number of wet rooms. The building has a wooden frame and a tiled roof, which has been replaced in recent years. The property gets its water from a private deep well. The sewage system has been remodelled, and now consists of a closed nine cubic metre tank. The outer panels are of wood and painted Falu Red with yellow ochre painted doors, and light grey door cases and details. The main manor house has a full-sized, furnishable loft and a partial cellar.The manor farm includes about 250 hectares of land divided into 80 hectares of fields, 150 hectares of forested land, and the rest of non-useful land as well as water and infields. The purchasers will have hunting rights. The allotment of elk is shared with the adjacent Sjövik Manor, and is currently one adult animal and one calf.The seller commissioned a major digging and sanding project at the shoreline, and a good deal of draining and ditching work around the manor house.


Location Bettna Sweden
Address Ålspånga säteri
Property Type House
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 2
Living Area 600 m2 / 6456 Sq Ft.
Land Area 23 m2 / 250 Sq Ft.
Floors N/A
Amenities N/A


Ref 721 SWE
PRICE: From $ 7,371,568
Contacts: Ålspånga Manor

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